March 9, 2015

The Church At Donglise

I traveled to Donglise (Dawn-gleece) church and village in February 2015 with Pastor Francky and two other men from Anse du Clerc.The purpose of these visits is to meet the pastors, and scout out the church and surrounding community.
Donglise Map PlotThe church is located southwest of Anse Du Clerc.  Church N18-36.854 ; W 074-19.506 Grid Coordinates: 70.8 57.8  The drive to Donglise is 2 1/2 hours from Jeremie and then about a 1 hour walk in.  The road after Abricot (Apricot in English) is very difficult.  (BTW, the Haitian apricot looks nothing like one in the U.S.  It is about 10 time larger with a green skin.  The fruit inside, is similar in texture and taste to the smaller version.) We parked the truck at a small river and then waded the same river 4 times before arriving at our destination.


PastorThe current pastor, Azor, is stepping down for health reasons. Pastor Francky has identified a pastor who has agreed to serve and has been accepted by the Donglese church committee. His name is Fayette Tattegrain. He is 51 years old and has pastored for 22 years. He lives in Anse du Clerc, and is married to Lydie Merisma (for 13 years). They have 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. He has been a Christian since 1979. Pastor Fayette has a 10th grade education. He has had some pastoral training, but no seminary training.

ChurchDonglise   ViewOfValley2The church sits high above the river. You climb to the church through a gully created by erosion.  The building was never finished and is in need of repair because of poor materials used, but that is not an uncommon problem.  The people use what they have and do what they know how to do.  There are 90 regular attenders. 60 adults. A few of the adults can read, none have bibles. All currently attending are Christians.  The absence of non-Christians in the church services is not uncommon.  The church does have a regular outreach ministry.  They have had 5 new believers in the past year.

Speaking2ChurchLeaders4  While at the church, I had the opportunity to speak to the church committee about Children’s Hope ministry in Haiti. We are collecting information about each church and community.  We will be developing a ministry plan with Andy, seeking the Lord’s direction on the needs that we will help the pastors and churches with.

About Charley Elgin

Charley and Martie, serve as co-directors of the Children's Hope Education initiative in Jacmel, Haiti and area directors for Jeremie/Anse Du Clerc. They live in Jeremie. Charley has led the construction of the original orphanage near the Airport and the new orphanage just north of town and they both oversee the operation of 6 Christian schools in Jacmel and 2 schools in Anse du Clerc. In addition, Charley leads Bible studies, preaches in local churches, and teaches English to local Haitians. Martie also manages all of the administration for their ministry responsibilities in Jacmel and Jeremie.
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