September 28, 2014

New Ministry Outreach in Anse du Clerc, Haiti


Children's Hope House In Jeremie

Children’s Hope House In Jeremie


Martie, Me, Yvrose, And Pastor Francky

Me, Charley, Yvrose, And Pastor Francky


Pastor Francky's Church Anse du Clerc

Pastor Francky’s Church Anse du Clerc


Pastor Francky And Wife Evanie's House

Pastor Francky And Wife Evanie’s House


Pastor Francky's School

Pastor Francky’s School


Roads Are Difficult - This Is A Good One

Roads Are Difficult – This Is A Good One

Charley and I spent 4 days in Southwestern Haiti – in Jeremie to find a house to live in and to establish a first connection with Pastor Francky.  We returned from Anse du Clerc / Jeremie area late Friday night. Whoo! What a long and adventurous day! 10 hours in the truck.  The Lord blessed our time there this week in locating a house for us to rent. We will move to Jeremie in December. It is amazing how the Lord works, so I’ll share how we found this house.

When we told the people that we currently rent from in Jacmel about moving to this new area and house-hunting this week, Verleine, our landlady, told us about her friend that lives there. Her friend, Marie Madeleine Bontemps, owns a hotel & lived in the US for many years working for American Airlines so she speaks fluent English. Verleine hoped she might know of a house for us to rent. We stayed at her hotel, Hotel Bon Temps, and met this very gracious lady. She referred us to a friend of hers who is a devoted Christian. This friend, Yvrose Pierre, did have a house to rent! It is next to the orphanage that Yvrose has run for 42 years. She has about 80 children there currently, all attend school between Primary and University. Yvrose had prayed the day before (Sunday) we arrived for Christians to rent this house. She had faithful supporters in Ohio who for many years supported the education of the children at the orphanage. Unfortunately, they passed away last year. She had an offer from a UN worker to rent it to him and his 2 friends; and oh, by the way, they would have their girls friends there at times, too. Well, Yvrose was concerned that this situation might be too tempting to her teenage girls. So she prayed fervently for Christians as renters.

It will cost us more for housing in this area than in Jacmel but that is because available housing is very limited. This is due to a large UN contingent and a large contingent of construction workers building a new road in the mountains between Jeremie and Les Cayes – about 60 or 70 KM long. When we arrived to look at the house, she was so thankful to the Lord! Her prayers were answered and this money will help with the education expenses of her kids. We had “church” in the kitchen!

Yvrose is 2 years younger than Charley and me, her father was a pastor, and she speaks English fluently, too. Then the topper was that Pastor Francky (our partner in Anse du Clerc) knew Yvrose for many years and they had supported each other’s ministry efforts! Finally, when we talked about the cost for leasing the house, she cut the price by 1/3! We are thankful for the miraculous way that God provided this home for us! Where God guides, He provides.

We will be sharing more about this new work as it develops.

Thank you for holding us up to the Father in prayer! He hears us and answers us!

About Martie Elgin

Charley and Martie have served with Children's Hope in Haiti since 2011. This December they will be moving from Jacmel to Jeremie - Anse du Clerc to begin work for Children's Hope in that region of Haiti.
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