October 24, 2014

Has it been a year?

November 1, 2013 we moved into the new Alabama House. Wow! Has it been a year??

A lot of things can happen in a year. God has done some mighty work down here in Haiti.

There are lights shinning where there wasn’t before. Lives have been changed, hope has

sprung from the many people that have answered God’s call to Haiti. Many, many people

have given their lives to Jesus! Just think of all the new friends we will see on that

glorious day!!

Other things have changed around here. People have come and gone. New friends have

been made. We have shared laughter and tears. Our lives have been forever changed.

God is so good. He has protected us, loved us, sustainded us, given us hope for our

eternity. He has given Children’s Hope a chance to give back to the children and the

community. During this past year plans have been drawn up and carried out to

build a Kingdom Resource Center, a Aquaponic system, and to bring Solar Energy to

Children’s Hope.

The Kingdom resource center will have rooms for medical, dental, and evangelism. Also provide the community education on several topics. I will post more about this at a later date and post more pictures.

image imageimage


The Aquaponic system will provide fish and vegetables for the children living here and will hopefully in the future produce enough for us to sell and put that money back into the running of the system. We want to train the older children on how do work with the fish and vegetable garden. Therefore giving them education on sustainability. It wont be up and running until after the new year, but it is looking amazing!


imageThis is what it looks like from the back of the house.

imageFrom the back inside.

imageOne of the fish ponds.

imagefrom right outside the front.


imageOne of the grow beds.

The solar energy system we are putting in will power the mission house, the children’s home, and the KRC. Tommy has put a ton of thought and man power into designing this system. The Haitian workers, Tommy, as well as all the American team members have worked in the so hot sun to get this ready for the install! Please pray for this install. that things will go smoothly, that God will have his hand on all of it, for safety, for all the parts to get here, for everyone to stay healthy, for it all to work! This will be huge in Children’s Hope saving money on energy as well as helping the enviroment around us.

image Roof top where solar panels will go

image 75 solar panels

imageControl and electrical boxes will go here

imageWire boxes for inverters

imagePlans for inverter mounting


As you can see, God is an Awesome God! He is Good! He has plans for Haiti and the people here!

Tommy and I are so thankful we get to be here and be a part of this amazing work!!














About Joy Schwindling

I am a daughter of Christ, wife to Tommy, mother to TC & Maegan, Rachel & Alan, grandmother to Emory Ann & Aria! I am blessed beyond measure, and thankful Jesus chose me to love on these Haitian children!
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