September 23, 2012

Trip Information

Haiti is a challenging country to visit, establish mission work and most of all, to live.  Despite so many obstacles, Haitians are resilient, resourceful, and are due our respect.  Please remember that we are guests in Haiti and need to conduct ourselves in a way that honors Christ and others.  In addition to the normal challenges of international travel, Haiti has a very poor infrastructure, limited communication systems, complex issues, and loose schedules.  This trip will require patience, flexibility, and respect for team members, missionaries, and Haitians.

Regardless of the challenges, Children’s Hope is honored to be in this country watching God at work as He builds relationships and breaks down barriers in expanding His Kingdom.


In 2017 the cost of the trip will be $825 plus airfare (Airfare is hard to estimate because of the fluctuations.).  The $825 needs to be received by Children’s Hope at least 30 days prior to departure.  Therefore, the deposit needs to be turned into your team leader prior to this deadline, so that he/she can get ONE check to Children’s Hope.  Purchasing airline tickets and collecting payment for airline reservations will be the responsibility of your church, team, etc.   Please remember that once a ticket is purchased, the airline will not reimburse if a person can’t make the trip. They will allow you to pay a change fee which is at least $150.00.  The usual trip will be from Saturday to Friday.  Depending on the time of your flight, the team leader may need to make arrangements for the team to stay in a hotel the night prior to departure.  If this is the case, the hotel cost is not included in the $825 paid to Children’s Hope.  This will be an additional charge for the team to incur.

*The $825 includes travel insurance.   If a team member needs to cancel his/her trip to Haiti, travel insurance can not be reimbursed if it has already been purchased.  It will be deducted from the $825 and the remaining of the $825 will be reimbursed to the team member.


Strongly suggested:

  • DPT – Tetanus/diptheria update (if over 5 years rather than the normal 10)
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid (oral or injection)
  • Oral malaria

For updated and concise information regarding what immunizations are required or suggested, please see


If you check bags in Atlanta or Birmingham, they are usually checked all of the way to Port-Au-Prince, depending on travel time.  Please keep the receipts for your checked bags because you have to show them in the Port-au-Prince airport!  It will be a hassle if you do not have them.  Also, if you check bags on the return trip, you will need to claim your bags in Miami and recheck them after going through Customs.


On the trip to Haiti, each passenger will need to complete an Immigration Form.  Each family will need to complete a Customs Form on the way to Haiti and when you return to the States.  The CH address where you will be staying is 7 Morne Oge, Jacmel, Haiti. Teams will go through Immigration and Customs in Haiti and also when returning to the States (follow Immigration signs).


Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the mission house.  Lunch is on your on, so bring breakfast bars, crackers, small peanut butter packets, snacks, etc. for lunch.  Rice, beans, chicken or beef and some type of vegetable will be served for dinner.

The water at the Mission House is filtered and safe to drink.  Please refrain form drinking water off-site.


Once you have paid the $825 plus airfare, it is recommended that you carry about $75 – 100 on the trip for spending money and airport meals.  Please bring small bills like $1, $5 and $10 to spend in Jacmel.  More than likely you will be given change in Goudes, but the American dollar is accepted every where in Haiti.  Please do not give any money to translators, drivers, children, staff, etc.   Each person is compensated for their work.


We desire to our staff and volunteers to dress in culturally acceptable ways in order not to distract form the purpose of the trip and the beauty of the gospel.  Rarely are shorts worn in Haiti.  On our campus, long shorts (below fingertips) are acceptable. Ladies should wear things below their knees if off-site.  If ladies are at church or sharing the gospel, they should be in skirts or dresses.  Also at church, ladies should not wear jewelry or makeup and shoulders should be covered.   For church services, the men should wear pants and a button down shirt and closed toed shoes.  Also, please wear very little jewelry and no cross jewelry.  Leggings for ladies are not considered appropriate.  Please see Suggested Packing List for more information.


There is internet service available for emailing, texting, etc.  Please check with your phone carrier prior to coming regarding cell phone/data cost.  Electrical outlets are the same in Haiti as in the U.S.  Please use internet sparingly as this takes up minutes from the monthly allotment.


Team members will be housed in the mission house.    As of  November, 2013, teams are housed at the wonderful mission house which is located on the same property as Children’s Hope Children’s Home. Members will be divided by gender and sleep in rooms/dorms with bunk beds.  Towels and bed linens are provided.  Rooms/dorms are air conditioned at night, but please know that there is always a chance of electrical outages.  Also, please be mindful that you are sharing facilities with a large group in an environment with delicate sewer, water and electrical systems.  Take short showers, be neat and tidy and conserve resources such as drinking water.


Kitchen at the mission house


Dining area and common room at the mission house

photo 3-1

Front porch of mission house


photo 1

Front porch of mission house

Teams will travel over the mountains from Port au Prince to Jacmel in a mini bus.  This trip usually takes 3 ½ hours but please know that at times it may take much longer due to traffic problems or a breakdown of other vehicles. While in Jacmel, you will travel in a truck or taptap, which is a small truck with a tall cab on the back and wooden benches on each side.

Junior’s taptap

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