September 23, 2012

Community Medical/Dental Clinic

The people of Haiti face multiple health concerns- including tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and cholera.  The risks and problems are compounded due to contaminated water, insufficient food, 80% unemployment, and a lack of resources for a quality healthcare system.

We are privileged to provide affordable and quality medical care to our community in Jacmel, Haiti.  Our medical/dental clinic (Clinique Communautaire de Morne Oge) opened in March of 2015.  Since that time, over 4,100 different patients have received treatment at our clinic.

Initially intended to be used only by visiting medical personnel, our clinic is now fully staffed by Haitian personnel and serving the community 5 days a week.  This includes two doctors, two nurses, a dentist, a lab technician, and other support staff.  We also are able to provide after-hours emergency consulting now, which is a great blessing to the community.

The opportunity remains for registered medical and dental personnel to partner with us in Haiti, either at our clinic or in mobile clinics in under-served areas.  Currently we have several medical and dental teams each year- primarily working in mountain villages.

The building, medicines, supplies and equipment are provided through donations from individuals, churches, mission teams and other organizations.  We need dedicated partners in order to continue funding this much-needed ministry to the Haitian people.

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