September 23, 2012

Education/ Church Schools

Children’s Hope currently administrates and fully funds seven schools in the Jacmel area, educating over 1200 students, and provides teacher salaries at two additional schools in the Anse du Clerc area.

Approximately 70% of the adults in Haiti are illiterate.  However, only about 50%, or 2.25 million, of the school aged children in Haiti are enrolled in schools.  About 80% of those children are in private schools.  Seventy-five percent (75%) of the private primary schools are not licensed, and the government has no control over the quality of education.

Only 30% to 40% of the children enrolled in schools will continue past the sixth (6th) grade.  This is largely due to the classes not being offered in the area where they live.  However, not being able to afford the cost of education is the major obstacle to receiving and continuing education in Haiti.

One of the primary ways we are able to strengthen families is by offering quality education to children living in rural areas.  Through this education, these children have hope for a better future.

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