March 16, 2016

FBC Montgomery: Feb. 2016 – Part 2

Michelle LeGrand’s summary of the FBC Mtg. trip:

The final goal of this mission team was to continue work in the lab at CH.  The Lord has blessed Children’s Hope with a state-of-the-art laboratory. After traveling to Jacmel in September to set it up, Dr. G (neorologist) was able to go back down with our team and take an additional machine that tests for prostate cancer and thyroid disease. He partnered with Ed Bos of World Wide Lab Improvements who brought all of the necessary equipment. A Montgomery pathologist (Dr. John Ross) also traveled with them to set up a microscope camera. He will then be able to assist in pathology work remotely. The laboratory now has sophisticated testing that brings people in from outside clinics who will then be presented with the Gospel. It also increases the ability of Dr. Patrice (local doctor at the clinic) and visiting medical teams to accurately diagnose and treat numerous illnesses.

Ed Bos teaching in the lab!

Ed Bos teaching in the lab!


Drs. Ross and Lipscomb working in the lab!

Drs. Ross and Dr. G working in the lab!

A special thanks to Dr. Greg Lipscomb for seeing God's vision of this incredible lab and having the faith to see it happen!

A special thanks to Dr. G for seeing God’s vision of this incredible lab and having the faith to see it happen!

 G also hopes to improve seizure care and diagnosis in countries like Haiti. A manufacturer loaned him an EEG machine to take on this trip, and he used it at the clinic to treat 3 women with epilepsy. He is able to upload these EEG files online to be read back in America. Upon hearing the success of his tests, the manufacturer and an epilepsy organization both decided to donate the $16,000 machines to mission hospitals in Kenya. Dr. G will be traveling there in September to set up the machines and train the technicians how to perform the test. Then he will able to read the studies in the States. Children’s Hope has been instrumental in the launch of this much-needed ministry.

Dr. Greg Lipscomb using EEG machine on a patient with epilepsy!

Dr. G using EEG machine on a patient with epilepsy!


About Tanya Birchfield

Tanya and her husband Andy are the founders/directors of Children's Hope. She holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Alabama and has experience working with children and families of children who have been victims of abuse and neglect. The adoption of their daughter, Hope, from Moldova resulted in a passion and a burden for reaching out to orphans locally as well as internationally. Andy and Tanya are both active members of First Baptist Church, Montgomery.
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