September 6, 2016

Dr. Cox’s Medical Team July, 2016

When we first arrived, a team consisting of members from Hopewell Baptist Church, Andalusia and Strong Tower, Montgomery were there busily doing VBS at a new mountain church. I was able to go with them for two days and do evangelism and discipling of some of the church members. This was an added blessing to the trip. During the afternoon and evenings I met with local pastors and a taught them The Wheel. I knew they could use this with their church members to help them have balance in their Christian lives. I had each pastor take the Wheel Exam privately with me. This was a joy! They are so hungry to learn and how to teach the Word of God. This team left on Saturday morning which allowed us to prepare for our team arriving that evening.

Dr. Cox and his team arrived about midnight because of flight delays with Delta. They drove over the mountains late which is actually better because it is cooler (did I tell you it was really hot) at that time, and the driver can see who is coming around the curves better because of lights on the vehicles. Resident Torey Herring stayed up until 5 in the morning finalizing his sermon as he was preaching at Pastor Paul Wilguiere’s church that morning. The team walked to worship that morning. I preached at Pastor Marc Cloveus’ church (Christ Pour Tous: Christ for the Peoples) as Pastor Marc was preaching at Bossier that morning. He calls me his associate pastor, and I am honored. Everyone had a great time of worship with our Haitian brothers and sisters. During the afternoon, we began preparing the meds to take with us the next day.

Over the next four days we did four mountain clinics and saw a total of 412 people. The people were so patient (more so than in the past). We shared Christ with every single person and saw 20-25 come to Christ every day. We were there to minister to the Body and Soul. If a person said they were a Christian, we asked them to tell their story. Nearly all the believers went back to the earthquake and talked about Alabama Baptists bringing Jesus to them. We encouraged them to tell their stories and gave them tracts to share with their friends. Unfortunately, some places are darker than others, and we had many say no to Jesus. But, we will continue to try and turn out the dark! This is the fourth trip for many on the Dr. Cox Team. When we got back to the Mission House everyday about 5, we would begin preparing the meds for the next day. And!, every night Dr. Cox, his resident, and two nurses went to our clinic to perform surgeries on people who showed up. On the last night they went to a house to help two men who had been in an accident and needed medical help. They cleaned wounds, sewed and bandaged them up, and prayed with them. They got back to the MH about one and had to pack and prepare to head home at three. They got it done! Everyday from 5:30 until late at night!

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Alabama Baptists and Children’s Hope have a great reputation in Haiti. I am so thankful for those who have gone before and for those who will follow. The needs are great, and the help is appreciated so much. Our current missionaries, Scott and Allison Payne and Ken and Maria Peters, have done and are doing a great work. They are touching so many people, Americans included. Please continue to pray for them as they press on.
Again, I want to thank each of you for your prayers and support! I am so glad to be a part of a church and state convention that believes in “bringing them in, building them up, and sending them out!” There is much yet to do, and His story yet to be told to countless numbers of people! May we be found faithful and obedient!
Yours in Christ,
John & Jeanette Bush

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