September 23, 2012


According to UNICEF, there are between 143 and 210 million orphans worldwide.  This number does not include abandoned children living on the streets nor does it include children that are sold or trafficked.  There are also 600 foster children in the State of Alabama waiting to be adopted.  The needs are overwhelming and the process is challenging, but God commands us (The Church) through His Word to care for the orphans. The degree of difficulty is insignificant when compared to the sacrifice Jesus made so that we as Christians could be adopted into His family.  God has given the Church the privilege of caring for the “least of these” and sharing the Truth of God’s Word.

The statistical outlook for orphans is very grim; many die prior to becoming adults.  So many orphans will have no hope or future unless the Church takes its responsibility seriously.   The children remain vulnerable to starvation, prostitution, drug addiction, crime, and disease. Many are recruited into terrorist military groups or are trafficked as household and/or sex slaves.

On the other hand, so many Christian families have the capacity to love and the resources to provide for one (or more) of these children…children created by God; in His image.  Again, is adoption easy?  No!  Does that mean we shouldn’t do it?  Absolutely not!  God did not call His children to “easy” but to obedience!

When members within the church adopt, there is a ready made support system already in place.  Fellow church members can come alongside those who adopt and offer support through prayer, preparing meals, assisting with transportation, tutoring and in many other ways.  Church members can also help with the financial aspect of adoption.  We want our adoptive families to know they can depend on their church family to help them through the adjustment and challenges of adoption.

Children’s Hope provides information on adoption through meetings and classes.

We have partnered with Lifesong for Orphans to offer financial support to church members through matching grants or a no interest loan.  Our prayer is that more families will sense God’s call to open their hearts to the idea of adoption and obediently follow God’s call.

Finally, there are several kinds of adoption.  These include international and domestic. Domestic adoption takes place either through an adoption agency, an attorney or the Dept. of Human Resources (DHR). There are no fees associated with adoptions through DHR except a small legal fee in some cases. International adoption, on the other hand, may be expensive but assistance is available through our partnership with Lifesong for Orpans (see below). Please see “Resources” for more information.

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