March 9, 2016

THIS is Children’s Hope!

Late Monday night the UN, PNH and IBESR (Haitian Social Services) showed up with three very sick little girls.  The UN had been bringing food to the family, but the mother and mother’s sister ate it and didn’t give the kids any.  The UN officer was weighing the children to see if they were gaining weight, but they all lost weight and the family admitted to not giving the children anything.  So, the mother lost custody of these three girls.  They asked us to please take the kids for only one month to nurse them back to health, and then they will find permanent placement for them.  They didn’t want to leave them in the hospital for that amount of time, but also can’t just leave them at an orphanage where there’s no nurse.


These precious girls are quite sick.  They are very malnourished, have chest infections, and one has a bad eye infection.  The two youngest have no birth certificates, and the mom guessed them to be about 1 and 2 yrs. old.  The oldest is 3 yrs old.  The baby can’t even hold a bottle on her own and doesn’t know how to drink it when it is held it for her.


Will you join us in praying for these girls- for their health and healing, and for their future?

Their names are Chelande (3 yrs.), Guiveline (2 yrs.), and Wislanda (1 yr.).  We hesitate to send any pictures of the girls right now, as their condition is heartbreaking to see.

  • Please pray that they will be able to tolerate the food that they will be getting, when their little stomachs are not used to that.
  • Pray that the Lord is preparing a good home for them when they leave us next month. Pray that it is a home where they can continue the process of growing and developing and that it is a home where they are loved.
  • Although they are placed temporarily at CH, pray that in the month that our staff has with them, that they will feel the love of Jesus, through the care of the nannies, and the love from the other children. It is heartbreaking that CH is unable to take more children because of money and space.
  • Please pray for the hearts of our staff who regularly have to turn away very needy, very broken children. If this isn’t a call to action, I don’t know what would be!
  • Pray for more monthly supporters to join with us so that we can care for more children.  If you would like to make an online donation, click here.


Finally, praise the Lord with us for how the hearts of the children at our orphanage are being shaped and changed by the Lord!  Maria included this note at the bottom of her email about this situation:


One more thing I would like to say is about our kids here at the orphanage.  I was so proud yesterday evening when the new kids came and our children could see that these girls needed help, and we initially said no several times.  They all started offering their beds, their clothes, Rosalinda even said Chelande could take one of her meals per day, and then the other older girls said the same thing.  I know our kids are great and are learning empathy and kindness, but this was so touching.  What a great group of kids the Lord has blessed us with!  They helped bathe the girls (and they smelled SO badly), got them dressed, put perfume and powder on them, and then just held them.  I was so proud that I cried and thought THIS is Children’s Hope. 

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